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While you are at Ok Festival, please always keep in mind that you are working with high school students whose ages range from 13 to 18. 

Please be aware of using language appropriate to high school students. 

Please be aware that certain topics may be inappropriate for students of this age range. Keep conversations in line with festival topics and workshop objectives.

Please be conscientious of not being alone with individual students. 

Please be conscientious of respecting the physical boundaries of all students.



In addition to the above:

Please be responsible for keeping track of your students and making sure that they are participating in activities throughout the festival.

Please report to Lauren Peck or Becky Braswell if you have any issues that may need to be addressed. (I.E. medical issues, vandalism, dangerous activity, etc.)



Please attend workshops and activities every session. No one should be wandering or loitering around the school.

Please treat the facility with respect. Clean up after yourself, do not vandalize things, etc.

Please treat other Thespians with respect and kindness.

Please respond appropriately to Troupe Directors and other adults if they ask you to do something or not do something. 

The use of tobacco, vape, drugs, alcohol, or other illegal substances will not be tolerated. Students found using or in possession of these things will immediately be sent home.



I understand the expectations for behavior at the festival.  I will adhere to the code of conduct. I understand that if I fail to adhere to the code of conduct, I may be asked to leave the festival.

Signed: __________________________________________ Dated: _______________



NOTE: A form must be completed for every student in attendance at festival!

Student Name: __________________________________________________ 

Student Home Address: ___________________________________________ 

Parent/Guardian Name: ___________________________________________ 

Parent/Guardian Phone # in case of emergency: ________________________

Known medical conditions that OK Thespians should be aware of: 


The student is allergic to the following: __________________________________________________________________________ 

The student is currently taking the following medications: __________________________________________________________________________ 

I, _____________________________ (printed name), Parent/Guardian of 

______________________________________ (student name) do hereby give Oklahoma Thespians the following permissions:

____ Take photos of the student for promotional purposes and to print their likeness in future social media posts and/or news briefings.

____ Contact emergency services in case of an emergency/injury.

I understand that Oklahoma Thespians is not responsible for:

____ Injuries incurred while at festival.

____ Lost or stolen personal effects while at festival.

____ I understand that gathering in a group can potentially expose my student to the Covid 19 Virus. I understand that Oklahoma Thespians is not responsible for that exposure.  Individuals are encouraged to wear a mask for their safety.

Signed: __________________________________________ Dated: _______________

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