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Thespian Playworks nurtures original student-written plays from the page to the stage. OK Festival  staff will choose one work to be developed at the Oklahoma Thespian Festival. A professional directors will help the chosen finalist to workshop and present their play with student actors. Please carefully read all the guidelines below before submitting your work.


Plays must be the original work of a single writer. Collaborative works or adaptations won’t be considered, nor will plays that include music, lyrics, or dialogue written by anyone other than the submitting writer. Plays can be about any subject but should consider that this is a high school event. Plays should have a running time of ten minutes or less (approximately ten typed pages). Writers may submit more than one play for consideration.


Writers may submit work for consideration by December 1st. Early submissions are encouraged. One work will be chosen for development at Festival. The writer of those works will collaborate with student actors and a professional directors to bring their play to life with minimal production elements. The writers will observe readings, receive and provide feedback, and make revisions to strengthen their scripts. The program culminates in staged readings of the play at Festival’s closing ceremony.


All work is protected by copyright from the moment it’s created. Writers own their plays and have exclusive control of the rights to produce, publish, and adapt them. By submitting work to Oklahoma Thespian Playworks, you agree to allow the Oklahoma Thespian Society (at its discretion) to mount a staged reading of your play.



Writers should submit their scripts themselves; 12-point type is preferred. The cover page of each submission should include

  1. the title of the play,

  2. your name and email address,

  3. your school name and troupe number, and

  4. your troupe director name and email address.

Please email scripts to Andrea Campfield at  They will be shared with the playworks judges for winner selection.

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