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New school year "to-do" list for troupe directors

The International Thespian Society has released their recommended to-do list for current troupes. Read below or visit the website directly.

Welcome back!

While you’re gearing up for the new school year, check these items off your troupe ‟to do” list.

Everything you need is on your troupe dashboard page. Just log in, then click Troupe Business at the top right of the page to take you there.

Update your troupe profile

On your troupe dashboard page, click the Troupe profile link and update the contact information.

Note: If this will be your first year as troupe director at your current school, do not edit the profiles of your troupe or the previous director. Instead, you’ll need to register as the new troupe director.

Renew your troupe and check for unpaid invoices

You have until October 15 to submit the $129 fee. Click Invoices and transaction history on your troupe dashboard to view or print your renewal notice. You may also click the link on the invoice to pay online by credit card. While you’re there, check to see if there are any unpaid invoices that need attention.

Review your troupe roster and alumni list

On your troupe dashboard, click Update student and contact profiles and check that everyone who should be inducted is on the list with the correct status. Students with the status eligible have not been officially inducted yet. If an inductee is missing, check your alumni list to see if he or she has been moved there in error. If so, contact the National Office.

Note: It could take a few weeks past August 1 for students’ profiles to advance automatically to the next grade and for graduates to move from your roster to your alumni list.

Update your personal member profile

Click the My Account tab at the top left of the dashboard. On your personal member dashboard, click Check / Update my personal profile. Update your personal contact information and change your password if you like.

Check the Thespian Troupe Handbook or Junior Thespian Troupe Handbook for a list of annual and ongoing troupe director duties.

Have a great school year!



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