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For the first time ever, Oklahoma Thespians will be hosting one act performances during the conference! Directors can find the application on their registration account. All submissions to bring a show are due by October 10th. Please note: this is not a competition. These will be stories told with minimal focus on details of scenery, costumes, props. Technical guidelines are in place to prevent productions from getting too big.


  1. Productions will work completely off of repertory set pieces provided in the space. Set pieces can be moved, stacked, and so forth to create their set.​ Spike tape will be provided.

  2. Schools may bring small handheld props. Absolutely no furniture or set pieces can be brought with your productions. If it doesn't fit on the bus, please don't bring it. Storage will not be available backstage except for show props and unused rep set pieces. 

  3. School may perform any original scripts, play, screenplay, or cut full length play.

  4. Shows cannot contain profanity, vulgarity, nudity, obscenity, and hate speech.

  5. Productions should not be longer than 50 minutes. 

  6. Documents containing set, lighting, and sound information will be sent out to directors.

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