What is a Thespy (Individual Event or IE)?

A Thespy (Individual Event) is an acting, singing, or technical performance or project that students may present at Ok Festival.

Who may enter the IE competition at OTF?

Students who are members of an active Oklahoma Thespian troupe may enter a Thespy (IE).

What Thespy events are offered at OTF?

Events offered can be found under the "Thespys" page under Festival.

What are the rules for Thespys (IE’s)?

A complete list of rules can be found on the " Thespys" page under Festival. A list of all events with their rules are found there.

Will there be speakers provided for musical Thespys (Individual Events)?

No. Students are responsible for providing their own speaker for musical events.

Are there clothing expectations to compete in Thespys (IE’s)?

Yes. Students should dress professionally in ALL BLACK. No patterns, designs, emblems, etc. should be any color besides black. Shoes should be ALL BLACK.

How do I register for a Thespy (IE) at OTF?

Troupe directors/sponsors are able to register students on their My ThesFest account.

How does scoring work?

Contestants are not scored against each other. Judges use a rubric created by the International Thespian Society to score each contestant. Scores are added then divided by the number of judges to find an average. Two to three judges will be used to score each event. Contestants may score Superior, Excellent, Good, or Fair. Contestants who receive a Superior ranking will be qualified to compete at the International Thespian Festival.

Is there a copy of the rubric I can see?

Yes. Go to .

  1. Click the tab Resources.
  2. Click the tab Libraries.
  3. Click the tab National Individual Events Guide.
  4. Click the tab NIES Rubrics.